Does iZotope support OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion?

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iZotope OSX Mountain Lion Compatibility

General Compatibility

There are currently no known issues with iZotope products running in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. However, testing with the new OS is ongoing, and some issues may arise that may require a software update.

Installer Compatibility

That said, there is a slight complication regarding the installers, as outlined below. Please note that this does not apply to RX2.1.

In general, if you are going to install 10.8 over your current OS, you should be fine. However, please note that if you are going to do a clean install, you may need to bypass 10.8's new Gatekeeper feature during re-installation of the product. This new OSX feature helps guard against possible malicious software downloaded from the internet. To do this, the software must be signed and verified by Apple in order to be approved by Gatekeeper.

Currently, iZotope product installers (except RX2) have not been submitted to this signing process. However, the software is still perfectly fine to be used.


In the event that you need to bypass Gatekeeper to re-install the iZotope product, you can do so by temporarily disabling it on your system. To do so:

Open System Preferences

Click on "Security"

Choose "Anywhere" from the first tab at the bottom

Install the iZotope product. 

Once complete, it is recommended to re-enable Gatekeeper.

For more information on Gatekeeper, please see our knowledge based article here.

For more information on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, please see our knowledge base article here.

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