How does the SERVICE CENTER offline activation work?

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The default installation path is:

    * For PC: c:\program files\Native Instruments\Service Center
    * For Mac: MacHD:Applications: Service Center

If you cannot find SERVICE CENTER, you can download it here...

2. On the first the screen in SERVICE CENTER press the "Offline" button under "Continue without connecting to the internet"
Service Center offline mode
3. On the next screen press the "Create" button under "Create Activation Request File"
Create Activation Request File
4. Enter serial number:

In case you need to enter a serial number for a specific product, the following screen appears:
Serial number input
If the serial number is not recognized or wrong, the serial number field is outlined in red. In case you currently evaluate a demo version and have no serial number for it, you do not need to enter a serial number on this screen.

5. After pressing the "Create" button you get a save dialog which allows to export the Activation Request File (ARF) on your computer.

6. Transmit the ARF file to a computer which is connected to the Internet (e.g. via USB stick) and double click it to open your Internet browser:
Activation Request File in browser
7. "Send" and LogIn:

Press the "Send" button and follow the instructions on the screen until you get the download button for the activation return file. During this process you are asked to log in with your username and password. If you have no user account yet, you are offered to create one.

8. Download Activation Return file & open it in SERVICE CENTER:
  • Download the Activation Return file on the last web page
  • Transmit it back to your offline computer
  • If SERVICE CENTER is still open, you can directly press the "Open" button in order to load the file and complete the activation process. If it is not open, choose "Load Activation Return File" from SERVICE CENTER's File menu.
Should the activation not be successful, please send us a Activation Request File as an attachment by filling out our on-line form: 

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