How To Download, Install and Register Zynaptiq Products

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This guide was created using Zynaptiq Morph 2 on OS X Yosemite. The process covered within this guide can be applied to other Zynaptic title, on both Mac and PC.


Once you have purchased from Time+Space, you will receive an email with your Registration code and a link to register your new Zynaptiq title.



From following this link, you will need to fill in the requested detail within the form and press Submit.


Once submitted, you will shorty receive a confirmation email from Zynaptic with your Authorisation Code, links to your download content and additional instructions.


Follow the relevant Download Link from your email (Mac/PC) to start downloading your new contents installer.



Please note if you are on a PC, you must extract the downloaded '.Zip' file (right-click Extract All) BEFORE attempting to run the included installer.



When you run the installer file, you will need to follow the on screen prompts; please leave the installer to place the plug-in files into the default location.


iLok Authorisation Steps

Not all Zynaptiq titles will include the following iLok Enabled steps, please see below if you are not prompted with iLok Activation.


The Zynaptic titles which require iLok Activation can be registered directly to your computer via the iLok system, an iLok USB Key is NOT required. To proceed, when prompted with the above window, press the Activate button.


Next you will be prompted to enter your Activation Code which would have been included in the email with your download file links.


Activation Code will look like:




Once entered correctly, pressing Next will take to you logging into your iLok user account. If you do not yet have an account with iLok, there is an included Create new account link, which you can follow the on-screen prompts from, to get setup.


See the link below for our full guide on registering and using the iLok License Manager:


Once you have logged into your iLok account, you will need to select your iLok activation location - you can either select your computer to activate to or your iLok key (optional)


Select your desired location so it turns blue and press Next.



Once successful, you can close the installer wizard and load up your preferred music host / DAW.


Insert your new Zynaptic title onto a channel.


Please note - within Logic Pro X, on an Audio Channel Morph 2 is available via the 'Audio FX / AU' browser. On a Software Instrument Channel, it is located under 'Instruments / AU MIDI-controlled Effects'.


Audio Channel - Insert


Software Instrument - Insert


Once you have your Zynaptic title open, click on the '?' button to open the handy User Manual to get tips on setup and to get the most out of your new product!



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