How to Install, Register and Authorise Spectrasonics products

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This article is to be going through how to install, register and authorise Spectrasonics products.

This guide was created using Windows 7 with Spectrasonics Stylus RMX Xpanded being used inside Ableton Live as the host application to run Stylus RMX.

When you have purchased Stylus RMX Xpanded from the Time+Space website, you will be sent out the box set that contains the install discs. 

Once you have inserted the first Stylus RMX install disc, you will need to select your chosen operating system (Mac or Windows) and then select the Installation.html file which will launch your chosen internet browser.

Here you will want to select the Begin Stylus RMX Installation button.

If this is your first time using the Spectrasonics website you will be prompter to create a user account. To do this you will need to press the Register Here button. This will then take you onto a form where you will need to enter your user details.

Once you have registered an account and are logged in, you should be taken to the Download the Installers page. Here you will want to select your operating system and choose to download the Stylus RMX Disc Installer for Windows.

When the installer has finished downloading you will want to run the Stylus RMX Disc Installer file. This will now run the Setup Wizard. You will be required to Accept the end user License Agreement before being prompted to choose the VST install location. You will want to change the default location to the folder

C:\Program Files\VstPlugins

If this folder is not there then you should create a new folder and name it VstPlugins.

Upon pressing next you will then need to choose where the SAGE Data folder should be created. If this is your first Spectrasonics product then you will want to select the default location, otherwise you will want to locate the already existing Spectrasonics/SAGE Data folder. On the next screen you will be able to check that you have selected the right location for your VST folder before continuing the Install.

When the install is finished with the first disc, you will be prompted to insert the Stylus RMX 2 Disc. Once the disc is inserted in the CD drive you will then want to wait a couple of seconds and press OK to continue with the install.

You will need to install each of the additional Xpanded discs in the order that the setup window requests. You will be prompted for each disc with a window that says the name of the disc it requires, please ensure you have checked the title is the same on the disc.

When the installer has finished extracting files you will be prompted with an installation finish screen.

Now you have installed Stylus RMX you will want to launch your chosen host application and select Stylus RMX from the VST Plug-in folder.

Upon launching Stylus RMX for the first time you will be prompted with an authorisation screen. You will want to copy the Challenge Code and then go to the Spectrasonics webpage.

In your Spectrasonics account, you should see your User Accounts page. At the bottom of this page you will want to press the add a product to your account button. This will then ask you to enter your Serial Number from your copy of Stylus RMX.

Once your serial number has been entered correctly, you will be able to see your Stylus RMX under the Current Products Registered header. Before going to authorise, you will want to check you have the latest Stylus RMX Updates installed.

On the next updates screen you will want to find the latest updates available for your operating system.

Please ensure you download the latest update for the SOFTWARE and for the DATA.

Once the updates have fully downloaded you will want to locate them in your chosen download folder and run each of the installers.

You will need to make sure you select the same VST folder for the Stylus update that you chose for the main installation. You will also need to check you have selected the correct folder for the SAGE DATA update.

Now that you have the latest updates installed you will need to go back to the Spectrasonics website and authorise your copy of Stylus RMX. You can do this by selecting the Stylus RMX Authorization link under the Get Authorization header.

This will then take you through to a details form where you will be required to paste in your previously obtained Challenge Code.

You can get this code again by checking your Stylus RMX plug-in window inside of your host application.

Once you have entered in your challenge code, you will be asked to select the computer type you are using, your operating system and to select the host application that you intend to use Stylus RMX in.

To find out your computer type in Windows, you will want to go to your Start Menu, right-click on Computer and select Properties from the new options menu. In this properties window you should be able to see your System Processor type.

When this information is entered you will be given a long response code that you will need to copy. You will then need to open your host application again and inside the Stylus RMX window paste in the response code and select Continue.

Once this has been entered you will be prompted to completely close the plug-in window or you could restart your host application. When you relaunch Stylus RMX, if the response code was accepted you should now be able to see the Stylus RMX screen without the authorisation prompt.

Stylus RMX is now registered and authorised.

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