How to Register, Install and Authorise iZotope products

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This article is to be going through how to register, install and authorise iZotope products.

This guide was created using OS X 10.6.8 with iZotope Iris being used as a standalone application and as an AU plug-in inside of Logic Pro 9.

When you have purchased Iris (Serial Download) from the Time+Space website, you will receive an email with your serial number and a link to the iZotope download page.

When you are on the iZotope website you will be requested to type in your email address to access the download. If you have not previously registered your email address on the iZotope website, you will be sent through to an account setup page where you will be asked to enter your user details. When you have entered your details, we recommend that you select to receive emails about updates, so that you are able to keep your software up to date.

Once you have an account with iZotope you will then be able to proceed to the download page. Here you will be required to select the download for your chosen operating system.

When the download is complete you will need to run the file and click the Double-Click to Install Iris.mpkg icon, which will load the iZotope Iris installer. Once you have read through the Introduction message and the Software License Agreement, you will be required to Agree to the license before you can continue with the install.

Next you will be shown what files are to be installed, after clicking Continue you will be able to choose the install location, it is recommended to keep this as the default OSX drive and then select Install to begin the installation.

When the install is finished it is recommended to run the Check for updates to ensure you are using the latest available versions of your iZotope products.

When the install is complete you will next need to launch Iris and authorise it.

It is recommended to authorise Iris through the Standalone application, which can be located in your OSX; Applications folder.

The first time you launch Iris you will be prompted with an Authorisation window.

Once you have selected the Authorize button you will need to locate your serial number in your email and type in your user details that you used on the iZotope website.

Please note, you do not have to use an iLok with this product, this is just an additional option. For more information on authorising with an iLok, please see our knowledge base article, linked here.

When your details are entered, select the Authorize button and the information will be sent and confirmed with the iZotope website. After a few seconds you will be prompted with an authorisation successful window. On this window there is a link you can use to obtain the full Iris Sound Library.

Alternatively, you can obtain the additional Iris Sound Library by logging into your iZotope user account, and under the My Account tab, you will need to select the Iris Sound Libraries tab and follow the on screen instructions.

Now that you have Iris and the full library installed, it is recommended that you now close the standalone application and check that it runs as a plug-in inside of your chosen host application; Logic, Live, Cubase etc.

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