How to Install 3rd Party Library into Omnisphere 2


In this guide we show you how to install the Time+Space Dark Ambience expansion pack into Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2, running in Logic Pro X. The steps taken in this guide will be the same across all 3rd party packs for Omnisphere 2, as well as working on both Mac and PC, across all major DAWs and music hosts.


Omnisphere 2 Expansion Pack Install Guide

Within your desired music host / DAW launch Omnisphere 2 and go to the main interface.


Here you will need to locate the Utility Cog icon which is just off to the top-left from the middle of the screen.

From the Utility menu, you will need to press Install .omnisphere


You will then be prompted with an alert box and then asked to locate your install file.

Navigate to your previously chosen download location and select the file
Time+Space Dark Ambience.omnisphere and press Open.

If everything has been selected correctly, you should be prompted once again, advising you on the included contents of your selected expansion pack. Click OK to start the install.

Please note, the expansion packs for Omnisphere 2 also contain audio Soundsource files, these can get fairly large in size and take up to a few minutes to install. You will be prompted again once installation has completed.

Locating Your 3rd Party Expansion Pack in Omnisphere 2

Once you have installed your expansion pack, you can locate the files at anytime within Omnisphere 2, by selecting the Directory box in the top-left and selecting Time+Space Dark Ambience.


Alternatively, you can open the Full Patch Browser, by selecting the Magnify Glass in the top-left and use the built-in Category system to navigate through the different patches.


Each patch in the Time+Space Dark Ambience pack includes a brief description to cover what has been used in the creation, as well as highlighting what can be done to manipulate the patch via the Mod Wheel.


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