How To Install and Activate Impact Soundworks Peak Rider

This guide will be going through the installation and activation process for Impact Soundworks' Peak Rider.

This guide was created using OS X 10.9 Yosemite and Logic Pro X. The installation will remain comparable across PC and other compatible music hosts. 

Please note that as stated on the product page, to use Peak Rider you must be using a music host / DAW that can handle side chain input. These supported hosts include: 

Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 9, Cubase, Sonar X3, FL Studio 12 and Reaper 5

For specific instructions, please read your host user guides for details on setting up side chain within your desired host.

Install Guide

Once you have downloaded from the links provided in your download email, you will need to run the included installer.

It is best to leave this to install in the default location.


The first time you load the plug-in (remember it is an effect not an instrument) you will need to press the silver 'ISW' icon in the top-right of the Peak Rider interface.


With the new window open click on the red 'Unregistered' prompt. 

This will then ask for you to input your 'User ID' and 'Key'. These codes are also in your email.

Once you have pressed 'Register' you will be prompted with further instructions on how to drag the generated activation details into the correct location. After reading this screen, press 'OK' on this prompt and simply drag&drop the 'user.reg' file into the folder titled 'Drag and Drop Here'.

You may now be requested to 'Authenticate' and enter your system password.

Once this process is complete, simply remove your previous plug-in instance (or just restart your music host). The next time you open Peak Rider it will load registered without the intermittent white noise.

Setting Up Peak Rider

To use Peak Rider, ensure you have at least two channels within your desired host - one to be directly effected by Peak Rider and the other to be used as the side chain signal.

For example, a tight 4/4 drum track for a side chain and a long sustained bass for the channel to be effected. 

Within the host side chain settings, select your Channel 2 to be your Side Chain signal input.

Now you can use Peak Rider on Channel 1 to adjust the strength of the side chain mix over the original track.

Please see the included guide by pressing the '?' button top-right for extended details on using Peak Rider.


Tip - You can either Mute the side chain channel, or turn the Output send to 'None' on the channel settings, this way you can just use the side chain as a trigger and not actually hear it in your track.

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