How to Register, Authorise and Install Toontrack products

This article is going to go through the complete installation process for Toontrack. It covers how to register an account on their website, how to register and install a product, and how to authorise a product to your computer via the Toontrack website.

This guide is being created on OS X 10.6 with Toontrack EZdrummer.

When you have purchased EZdrummer from the Time+Space website, you will be sent your Serial Number in an email. 

Please Note: If you are installing Superior Drummer you will also be sent out the installation disks for the full install, however, so you can use Superior Drummer straight away, you can register the serial number on the Toontrack website and download the smaller version. You can then increase the library of sounds when the disks come through.

How to Register an account
Once you are on the Toontrack website, at, you will need to click the Create Account button on the upper right menu.

This will then ask you to enter in your account details.

Note: you can optionally choose to create a Forum User ID for the Toontrack website. We recommend that you do select to receive emails from Toontrack about their updates as this will help you to ensue you have the latest version of your product(s).

Once you create the account, Toontrack with send you an authorisation request to your previously chosen email address.

Now that you have an account you will need to Log In via the upper right menu. 

How to Register a product
Once you are logged in, the upper right menu now shows you additional options. You will want to select the My Products tab.

On this page you will want to click the Register New Product button.

This will then request you to enter in your product Serial Number.

Note: your Serial Number would have been sent to you via email when you purchased your Toontrack product from Time+Space.

When the serial has been entered and accepted, your product should appear under the My Products heading on the right hand menu of the My Products page.

When you select EZdrummer from the Software list, you can choose to Download the product for either PC or Mac

How to Install
Once you have selected your installation format from PC or Mac, you will be prompted that you may need to check for latest updates. Please note that you still need to install this and then check for any additional software updates later.

Once you have agreed and the download has complete, you will need to run the installation file. 

Inside the install folder there are three installation files you need to run. First is the EZdrummer installer, then the free EZX Cocktail extension library installer, and then optionally run the Toontrack solo installer.

Note: the Toontrack solo is a standalone host which allows you to run EZdrummer and Superior Drummer as Standalone applications. It is recommended to install Toontrack solo for use when authorising EZdrummer.

When you install EZdrummer you need to Agree to the End User Licence Agreement before continuing to the install. Select the default install location and click Install.

Note: please ensure you leave the installer window running until you are prompted that the installation was complete.

Next you will need to install the EZX Cocktail extension library. Once you have agreed to the end user licence agreement you need to select the default install location and click Install.

Once this install is complete you need to follow the same steps with the Toontrack Solo installer.

How to Authorise
Next you will need to authorise your copy of EZdrummer to your computer. To do this you will need to launch Toontrack solo and select to run EZdrummer from inside the Toontrack solo host.

When EZdrummer first launches you will be prompted that you need to authorise it to your machine. You will need to copy or write down your Computer ID that is displayed on the authorisation request window.

Note: Your Computer ID will change depending on the hardware installed on your computer. It is recommended that you have your system setup in the state that you will be using it, before you copy down your Computer ID.

You now need to go to your Toontrack account and on the My Products page, ensure you have selected your EZdrummer from the Software menu and click Add Authorization.

On the next screen you will need to put in your Computer ID number from earlier and name the computer. 

Note: it is recommended you name it something you can associate with this computer, as it will make it easier if you are authorising on more than one machine.

When your Computer ID has been submitted you will be give a unique authorisation code. You need to then type this into your authorisation window inside of your Toontrack Solo, EZdrummer application.

Note: you will also receive a confirmation email from Toontrack with your computer ID and your authorisation code.

When this has been accepted your authorisation is complete. Check to ensure you can use the EZX Cocktail extension library. 

Note: it can take a few seconds for each new library to load. This is indicated by an orange loading bar that will then go blue once it has fully loaded.

It is also recommended that you check that EZ Drummer launches as a plug-in inside of your chosen music host, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Pro Tools etc.

Now that your Toontrack product is installed and working, you should go back to your Toontrack account and on your product ensure you have installed all of the additional software updates for your chosen operating system.

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