Microsoft Launch Windows 10

Microsoft have announced they are launching Windows 10. As always, we advise users TO NOT upgrade for at least 4 - 6 months, so that any initial bugs can be ironed out. These precautions are ultimately so that your music projects are not interrupted due to incompatibility errors.

Top new features of Windows 10 at a glance:

These are not necessarily music related, but are pretty handy features all the same:

1. It is free! - For Windows 7 and 8 users. - This is the first operating system Microsoft have launched for free. We advise you to take advantage of the free period and register for your free copy of Windows 10, however it is not advisable to update your main system until you have confirmation from all of your 3rd party developers that their software is compatible.

2. Windows 10 looks to be more in-line with Windows 7 than Windows 8! The Start bar is back, and the TileWorld interface has been eliminated.

3. You are back in control! - Unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 allows you to customise your system in a much more thorough and user-friendly way via the new Settings app (Control Panel is still available to those who prefer the original layout to your settings menu).

4. Snap your Apps - This feature was introduced in Windows 7, to allow for split-screen mode (Windows key + LEFT / RIGHT) or drag to snap windows to fit your desired screen space. This feature has been updated to allow for the remaining apps to shrink into a tiled / icon list, so you can quickly see and setup your open application windows.

5. Play Xbox on your PC! - If you happen to share your TV with other house members, or your Xbox console is in a different room, you can now use Wifi to use your computer / laptop to stream your game's audio and video feed.

For more details on the new features in Windows 10, please see link below:


Anyway, now back to the music making!

Until your Hosts / DAW developer states that they are fully compatible, there is little point in chasing the plug-in developer compatibility.

Please see below for a list of links and details on music software compatibility with Windows 10 (to be updated as details change):

Music Hosts / DAWs:

AVID: Pro Tools 10/11 -

Ableton: Live 8 /9 -
"Live 9 is compatible with Windows 10. You can download the latest Live version from your Ableton user account."

Steinburg: Cubase -

Image Line: FL Studios -

MOTU: Digital Performer 9 -

Cockos: Reaper 4 -

Cakewalk: Sonar X3 -


Plug-in Developers:

Spectrasonics - To be confirmed

iZotope - To be confirmed

Synthogy - To be confirmed

Toontrack - To be confirmed

UVI - To be confirmed

Rob Papen - To be confirmed

VSL - "So far no show-stoppers, but we'll always suggest our users to test a new OS on a separate partition of their computer before they upgrade a working system. And of course it's mandatory to have a backup of the old program, to be safe."

Garritan -

Native Instruments: Kontakt 5 -


PACE: iLok system -!ilok-requirements

If you have any other music software not mentioned in this list that you are unsure on the compatibility with Windows 10, please feel free to contact us and we will update with additional links.



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