Spectrasonics Announces Omnisphere 2 NAMM 2015

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It is official. Spectrasonics announces Omnisphere 2 at NAMM 2015.

Omnisphere 2 Features

- Over 10,000 sounds

- Over 3,000 new Patches, Soundsources and Multis

- 25 brand new Effects Racks - including Vintage Modulation Effects, Distortions, Classic Amp Modelling, Envelope Filtering Effects and new Studio Level Compressors & EQ, plus new creative effects (including Innerspace & Resonators)

- Import your own audio directly into Omnisphere 2

- Omnisphere 2 includes a wider interface, including a patch browser, which can be expanded from the left-hand side of the interface at any time

- Sound Match - allows you to load in a patch you like, and then use Sound Match to obtain a list of other sounds with similar characteristics 

- Sound Lock - allows you to 'lock' specific module parameters, allowing you to quickly search through your patch browser, while keeping your desired parameters intact

New module parameters

- Granular module - taking any sample and allowing you to manipulate it, from a subtle tweak to the highest extremes of beyond recognition

- DSP Synth Oscillators have been increased from having 4 waveforms, to over 400 waveforms. Each waveform contains a morphing wave table, to allow for maximum control and visual feedback

- Patches can now load up to ten oscillators, with each utilising a different wave table

- Unison now includes analogue drift behaviour, adding more depth and warmth to a signal path

- 8 new filters

- Arpeggiator - each step can be individually transposed, for step sequencer style effects

- Additional Modulation Parameters - including modulating note length & arp speed 

- Additional Modulation Options - including control via LFO, Envelope, Expression, Breath Controller, Sustain, Wheel, Aftertouch, Foot Controller, Orb, User CC and many more


Omnisphere 2 Library

- Brand New Omnisphere EDM Patch library - optimised for electronic producers

- New Psychoacoustic Samples - created by manipulating electric tooth brushes, coins, pills, packets, zip ties and fishing line

- Circuit Bending - manipulating toys, cheap keyboards, circuit chips and custom made synthesisers

- Includes exclusive new Soundsources designed and produced by Diego Stocco

Omnisphere 2 is coming April 30, 2015

Omnisphere 2.0 GBP pricing is TBC and upgrades will be available for existing Omnisphere users.

There will be a free grace period upgrade for any purchases of Omnisphere between October 2014 thru May 2015. So you can buy Omnisphere now and you will receive a free upgrade to Omnisphere 2.0.

Click here to checkout more information on Omnisphere 2

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