Does Spectrasonics support OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion?

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Spectrasonics OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion Compatibility

General Compatibility

Spectrasonics virtual instruments Omnisphere, Trilian, and Stylus RMX have been officially qualified for use with OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion). Please visit the User Account area to download and install the latest updates for the plugins in order to ensure compatibility.

It is also important to verify OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) compatibility with your host application before upgrading the operating system.

Installer Compatibility

OSX 10.8 introduces a new security feature called Gatekeeper, which requires that we update all of our installers for compatibility. We have already updated all of the Mac installers across our entire product line, and they are available for download immediately from different areas of the Spectrasonics website.

All software and library updates with compatible installers for Omnisphere, Trilian, and Stylus RMX are available in your User Account.  

Spectrasonics are providing downloadable disc installers for users who need to install Omnisphere, Trilian, or Stylus RMX from disc at the following links:

Stylus RMX  

SAGE Xpander disc installers can be found HERE.

NOTE - These new installers are also compatible with OSX 10.6 and OSX 10.7.  To install Spectrasonics products on previous versions of OSX, please contact tech support for assistance.

Other Known Issues

The Spectrasonics folder which contains data files for Omnisphere, Trilian, and Stylus RMX is in ~/Library/Application Support.  Apple has chosen to make the ~/Library folder hidden in the Finder in OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion.

The Library folder can be accessed by pressing the Option key when you select the "Go" menu.

A list of different methods for accessing the Library folder can be found HERE.

NOTE - Legacy instruments Atmosphere, Trilogy, and Classic Stylus are not compatible with OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion.

For more information on Gatekeeper, please see our knowledge based article here.

For more information on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, please see our knowledge base article here.

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