What are Kontakt Files & Kontakt Libraries?

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Only Kontakt Libraries can run within the free Kontakt Player, all Kontakt Files require the fully purchase Kontakt engine.

The main differences between Kontakt formatted files and Kontakt libraries are that the Kontakt libraries are locked and require an additional Activation code (instructions on this are emailed to you when you place your order). Kontakt formatted files are unlocked and can be located under the Files tab within Kontakt. Kontakt libraries can be located under the Libraries tab after you Add Library.

Kontakt Libraries from Native Instruments and selected third party manufacturers can use the Add Library function and will run in either the free Kontakt Player or the fully purchased Kontakt engine. Third party libraries only containing instrument / multi instrument Kontakt Files (in the .nki / .nkm format) with their respective WAV / AIFF samples cannot be added to the library tab and require the full version of Kontakt. Unlike Kontakt Libraries (which will run in the free kontakt Player), Kontakt Files are 'unlocked' and users who do not own the fully purchased Kontakt engine can still take advantage of using the sample files (Wav / Aiff samples).

Kontakt Libraries on the other hand use the Native Instruments .nkc format which is a secure locked format, meaning the files have to be loaded into either the free Kontakt Player or the full Kontakt engine to be used.

Only Kontakt Libraries can run within the free Kontakt Player, all Kontakt Files require the fully purchase Kontakt engine.

How to know the difference?

On our website we have both Kontakt Files and Kontakt Libraries. The Vir2 Instruments World Impact: Global Percussion set is a supported Kontakt library, indicated by the Virtual Instruments format. Kontakt files such as the Big Fish Audio Quirky Guitars 2 KONTAKT (Download) are indicated as Kontakt formatted files.

How to speed up your workflow in Kontakt?

Going back and forth from one tab to the other can slow down your workflow, so this is why Native Instruments have included a handy Quick-Load feature in Kontakt, which you can custom set-up to access all of your Libraries and Files in one quick location. For more information, please see our "Guide To" video linked here.

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