What are the differences between EZdrummer and Superior Drummer?

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EZdrummer and Superior Drummer 2 are both drum samplers made by Toontrack, however they are each aimed at different users. EZdrummer is made for songwriters; with the samples requiring less/no mixing as the sounds are premixed. Whilst Superior Drummer 2 is for e-drummers, pro producers and those who want to tweak and mix their drum sounds; as the Superior Drummer 2 sounds are rawer and need to be mixed by the user.

Extended Library formats
EZdrummer can be extended by EZX expansion packs, where as Superior Drummer 2 can be extended with both EZX expansion packs and SDX expansion packs
The difference between the extension packs being that EZXs are 16 bit format and SDX libraries are 24 bit format.

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